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Plant clinics boost women’s empowerment through biopesticide production groups

Village-based biological control of fall armyworm in Zambia

Study recommends greater awareness of biopesticides to help fight locust outbreaks in China

Study reveals optimum time to apply eco-friendly biopesticides to tackle Oriental migratory locust pest

Regulatory harmonization in Pakistan for maximum residue limits and biopesticides

Many less developed economies in Asia, including Pakistan, face challenges in conforming to international food standards and, in particular, pesticide maximum residue limits (MRLs), either because these MRLs are not established or because the MRLs are too low for farmers to comply with. Subsequently, affecting Pakistan’s ability to trade. This project brings a new approach. Based on the strategic use of non-residue-producing biopesticides, following conventional pesticides, the approach aims to reduce residues at harvest and overcome trade barriers caused by MRL issues. CABI will work with partners and Pakistani farmers to increase their compliance with international standards, MRL regulations and enforcement.

Project launched to help mitigate pesticide residue limit export violations on red chillies in Pakistan