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Dossier on Pauesia antennata: Biological Control Agent for the Brown Peach Aphid, Pterochloroides persicae, in Yemen

Beetles arrest the leafy spurge scourge in North America

Safeguarding the environment, food security and livelihoods from invasive species using biological controls

Improving the livelihoods of smallholder maize farmers around the Mekong

After rice, maize is the most important crop in the Mekong Delta. Insects including the Asian corn borer are a major threat to production. Fear of crop losses, together with a lack of alternative measures, can result in overuse of pesticides – posing health risks to farmers, consumers and the agro-ecosystem. This project will establish local production of an affordable biological control agent, the parasitic wasp trichogramma, which kills the eggs of maize pests.

CABI shares expertise in international conference concerned with impact of climate change on food security

CABI scientist Dr Sabyan Faris Honey has shared his expertise in implementation of biological control program for apple codling moth in Balochistan province, Pakistan as part of the International Entomological Congress (IEC 2019) on Conversing Emerging Entomological Challenges and their Solutions.

Flagship conference tackles biocontrol of arthropod pests