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Reaching for the low hanging fruits: One health benefits of joint crop–livestock services for small-scale farmers

Plantwise Evaluation: Bolivia, Peru and Nicaragua

Delivering messages from plant clinics: The influence of communication on farmer’s perception and uptake of advice: Costa Rica

Efecto del Puesto para Plantas de Achuapa, Nicaragua sobre el manejo de la sanidad vegetal de ajonjolí

Jornadas de salud para plantas en Intibucá, Honduras: El efecto sobre el conocimiento y las prácticas de control de paratrioza en papa

Rescuing and restoring the native flora of Robinson Crusoe Island

Robinson Crusoe Island, part of the Juan Fernández Archipelago in Chile, is under threat from invasive species. So action needs to be taken. As part of a larger management programme for the whole Archipelago, a team from CABI will help conserve and re-establish native species on the island. In the long term this project will provide the biological resources and protocols for replanting larger areas of land.