CABI-led study suggests women’s role in coffee production should be promoted across whole value chain

Women and coffee in Ethiopia
A new CABI-led study published in the journal Sustainability suggests that the role of women in coffee production should be promoted across the whole value chain as well as improving their access to productive resources and services. The study found that while some of the technologies and practices promoted to…
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Uganda enjoys increased capacity to access more profitable regional and European markets

Uganda is enjoying increased capacity to access more profitable regional and European markets for its fresh fruits and vegetables thanks to a project aimed at helping the country comply with sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) requirements. Uganda is now exporting 5.8 million tonnes of fresh fruits and vegetables worth US$35 million…
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Low potato yields in Kenya not down to management practices alone, CABI study suggests

Women market
Low potato yields averaging 8.6t/ha are not only determined by the management practices employed by potato farmers in Kenya, a study by CABI scientists based at CABI’s regional centre for Africa suggests. Poor quality of potato planting materials – where there is an over-dependence on the informal sector – could…
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CABI’s work to help Pakistan produce better cotton extended for another three years

"Better Cotton Project Sind, Pakistan"
CABI’s work to help Pakistan’s cotton farmers reduce annual losses of around $350m through poor production, transport and storage practices under the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) has been extended for another three years. CABI’s centre in Pakistan has won £1.59m in funding from the Better Cotton Growth & Innovation Fund…
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CABI contributes to coffee agenda at IACO 2021 Annual Meeting

Panel discussion
CABI has participated in the 61st IACO 2021 Annual Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda, aimed at showcasing the important role coffee plays in the socio-economic development of 25 African coffee producing nations spanning the continent. Dr Morris Akiri, Senior Regional Director, CABI Africa, moderated a high-level panel discussion drawing upon the…
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Farmers’ crops are increasingly at the mercy of climate change, pests and diseases. PlantwisePlus will work to help countries predict, prepare for and prevent potential threats and reduce crop losses. We will provide comprehensive support to countries and farmers so they meet the increasing global demand for quality food in a changing…
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