CABI BioProtection Portal launched to help fight crop pests and diseases more sustainably in Tanzania

BPP Tanzania
CABI’s ground-breaking bioprotection resource, the CABI BioProtection Portal, has now been launched in Tanzania to give growers and advisors the information they need to help fight crop pests and diseases more sustainably. The CABI BioProtection Portal is an open access, digital tool that enables users to find registered biopesticide and…
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CABI showcases potential of joint crop-livestock clinics and efforts to manage invasive papaya mealybug at NARO-MAK Scientific Conference in Uganda

CABI has showcased the potential of joint crop-livestock clinics to help strengthen agricultural extension services at the 3rd Joint National Agricultural Research Organisation and Makerere University (NARO-MAK) Scientific Conference. The Prime Minister of Uganda, the Rt.Hon. Robinah Nabbanja, was among the distinguished guests who visited the CABI stand to learn…
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Ovarian development of yellow-spined bamboo locust sheds light on emergence and migratory nature of pest

Scientists from the Chinese MARA-CABI Joint Laboratory for Biosafety have created a model which can estimate adult emergence periods and identify migratory populations of the yellow-spined bamboo locust from their ovarian development. Outlined in a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Physiology, the researchers say their model provides…
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New binary toxins found in fight against devastating western corn rootworm pest

DvvLarvaBiossayAug19 (3)
After having 340 novel proteins from over 2,600 bacterial strains screened for insecticidal properties, scientists believe they have finally found a new effective toxin against the devastating western corn rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera) pest. Dr Stefan Toepfer and Wayne Coles reports. A consortium of seven French science institutions and companies,…
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Mass media campaigns can be effective in promoting safer crop pest and disease control, new study reveals

A new CABI-led study has found that mass media campaigns aimed at changing pesticide use to fight crop pests and diseases are more effective when farmers are exposed to multiple forms of communication. CABI scientists collaborated with colleagues from the Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Department Board (RAB) to study…
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Eiphosoma laphygmae likely to be best classical biological control against devastating fall armyworm pest

FAW Larvae Y shape (3)
A review, conducted by CABI scientist Dr Marc Kenis suggests that the parasitoid Eiphosoma laphygmae is likely to be the best classical biological control from the Americas against the devastating fall armyworm pest. Dr Kenis, Head of Risk Analysis and Invasion Ecology based at CABI’s Swiss centre in Delémont, evaluated…
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