Strengthening food security post COVID-19 pandemic and locust attack

Thirty-seven percent of Pakistan's population is already vulnerable to food insecurity. This figure will soon exacerbate given the effect of recent external challenges including the rapid spread of Covid-19 and its subsequent Government restrictions, and Pakistan’s largest locust infestation in 25 years devasting large areas of agricultural land, including cotton,…
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New project aims to review and help strengthen national Soil Information Systems

CABI has been awarded a $1.07 million contract from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to lead a comprehensive study of national Soil Information Systems (SIS) in several countries including India, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tanzania also capturing learning from the USA, UK, countries within the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil,…
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Data on ‘One Health’ approach to integrated crop-livestock advisory services digitized for future analysis

One Health in Uganda
Data on a ‘One Health’ approach to integrated crop-livestock advisory services for smallholder farmers in Uganda has been digitized to enable better capture, analysis and use with a view to helping them better protect their crops and livestock from pests/vectors and diseases. A review of the project ‘Joint crop and…
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Farmers’ crops are increasingly at the mercy of climate change, pests and diseases. PlantwisePlus will work to help countries predict, prepare for and prevent potential threats and reduce crop losses. We will provide comprehensive support to countries and farmers so they meet the increasing global demand for quality food in a changing…
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Development of farmer-friendly plant health digital content for smallholder farmers in Kenya

Digital technology has the potential to improve farmer livelihoods through access and utilization of agricultural digital platforms and digital online content across the agricultural value chain. However, despite the rapid global interest and growth of digital services, smallholder farmers face challenges that hinder them from realising the benefits of new…
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CABI to help overcome constraints to FAIR and responsible data use

India farming
CABI has been awarded a $4.5 million contract from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to work with them to help address known constraints to data utility in agriculture development investments. It will do this by increasing the capacity and capability of the foundation, its grantees and the community to…
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