Guiding Acid Soil Management Investments in Africa

The effects of soil acidity on agricultural soils in Africa are a major constraint to crop production and sustainable intensification of the African smallholder farming system. To cope, the existing method is to apply blanket or spatially undifferentiated approaches including the use of lime. This project aims to devise interventions…
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Soil Information Systems Review: a process toward strengthening national soil information systems

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation¬†has made great progress in the past ten 10 years in exploring new and innovative digital soil mapping technologies and national soil information systems (SIS) in Africa and South Asia to help organise new and existing soil information. However, constraints within countries stop the SIS…
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Find bioprotection products faster and easier with new CABI BioProtection Portal

Innovative digital tool - CABI BioProtection Portal - upgraded to help growers reduce reliance on chemical pesticides and produce safer and healthier food The CABI BioProtection Portal has been upgraded, making it faster, sleeker and easier to use for those wanting information about registered biocontrol and biopesticide products to fight…
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New PlantwisePlus Toolkit helps farmer advisory service providers give better advice

PW toolkit
A new PlantwisePlus Toolkit has been launched to help identifying tried and trusted digital tools that are designed to assist crop production by supporting decision-making. The website is aimed at agricultural advisory service providers and brings together a suite of digital tools to, ultimately, support smallholder farmers implementing sustainable crop…
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CABI’s expertise in digital development highlighted at major European conference

CABI‚Äôs expertise in digital development has been highlighted at the Master Data Management & Data Governance Conference Europe 2023. Ada Isaac, Research and Delivery Manager, and Chipo Msengezi, Project Manager ‚Äď Digital Development, both gave a presentation entitled ‚ÄėLeveraging FAIR for Better Data Governance‚Äô at the event held in London.…
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CABI partners with ACIAR to develop FAIR data strategy for its soil and land management program

The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) funds research projects aimed at improving agricultural productivity, sustainability, and resilience in developing countries. ACIAR recognizes the importance of data management and the need for research programs to adopt the FAIR data principles, which ensure that research outputs meet principles of findability,…
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