CABI highlights support for climate-resilient food systems at the Africa Food Systems Forum

AGRF 2023
CABI has highlighted its support for climate- resilient food systems – in line with its Medium-Term Strategy (MTS) 2023-2025 – at the Africa Food Systems Forum 2023 (also known as AGRF 2023) held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In light of challenges from climate change, population growth, economic downturns, and…
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CABI renews agreement with Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute

CABI has renewed its agreement to work in partnership with the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI). This is part of joint efforts to help ensure greater sustainable food security in Malaysia through the Joint Laboratory platform – conducting research and development in areas of mutual interest. Specifically, the…
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CABI hosts delegation of top UK scientists and CGIAR

Leading UK scientists and CGIAR Board
CABI recently brought together some of the world’s leading agricultural scientists and Professor Lindiwe Sibanda, Chair of CGIAR’s System Board, to discuss opportunities for greater collaboration between UK scientific institutions and CGIAR
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CABI visit to Caribbean strengthens strategic partnerships to help safeguard food security and biodiversity

Dr Daniel Elger, CABI’s CEO, and Dr Qiaoqiao Zhang, Memberships Director, have completed a two-week visit to the Caribbean, taking in three of CABI’s 49 Member Countries, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, to strengthen strategic partnerships with stakeholders in the region. Accompanied by Mr Naitram (Bob) Ramnanan, CABI’s Regional…
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New website launches to help career progression of professionals within agriculture

A new Skills for Agriculture website has been launched by CABI to help the career progression of professionals working in agriculture. Workers, employers and educators can use the resource for a range of uses including developing job descriptions, supporting personal career planning and training needs, as well as identifying gaps…
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Expertise shared at first Pan-American Bioinputs Forum aimed at increasing sustainable productivity in agriculture

CABI has shared its expertise at the first Pan-American Bioinputs Forum: Perspectives and Opportunities for a Growing Subsector aimed at increasing agricultural productivity and sustainability in the region. Dr Yelitza Colmenarez, CABI’s Centre Director, Brazil, joined a panel discussion on ‘Regulations and Policies for the Promotion of Bioinputs’ which explored…
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